Sunday, February 10, 2008

Flute Engraving

Just finished up a flute headjoint for a customer in Kentucky. She is sending me more work as soon as she finishes a few performances and can spare her flute for the work. Nice to see the site reaching someone in Kentucky, and nice to get work. :)
Ready for warmer weather, need to speed up the metabolism, get out of this winter pace. The finger I smashed at work in my machine is healing almost enough to play guitar again, been missing that a little. :)
Mom and Dad laptops are not working, I gave them my desktop to get by for internet. I'm stumped on what's wrong with their laptops, so will have to do some searches online. Started as a power cord problem, then they couldn't keep them on for more than 5 minutes, this after we bought new power adapters and batteries. I have a bad feeling that some stuff may have gotten fried due to wrong adapters or something.
My fish are dying off in my pond outside, I think when my heater quit me and it froze over, I didn't get it broke open in time. Some are still slowly swimming around, I added some water yesterday and I'm hoping that they pull through.
LOST is back so I have something to watch regularly again on tv. Looking forward to Jericho returning on Feb 12th, I was a late fan of the show and began liking it just before it got canceled. The fans pulled together and they brought it back, so hoping it gets a shot this time.


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