Sunday, February 10, 2008

Flute Engraving

Just finished up a flute headjoint for a customer in Kentucky. She is sending me more work as soon as she finishes a few performances and can spare her flute for the work. Nice to see the site reaching someone in Kentucky, and nice to get work. :)
Ready for warmer weather, need to speed up the metabolism, get out of this winter pace. The finger I smashed at work in my machine is healing almost enough to play guitar again, been missing that a little. :)
Mom and Dad laptops are not working, I gave them my desktop to get by for internet. I'm stumped on what's wrong with their laptops, so will have to do some searches online. Started as a power cord problem, then they couldn't keep them on for more than 5 minutes, this after we bought new power adapters and batteries. I have a bad feeling that some stuff may have gotten fried due to wrong adapters or something.
My fish are dying off in my pond outside, I think when my heater quit me and it froze over, I didn't get it broke open in time. Some are still slowly swimming around, I added some water yesterday and I'm hoping that they pull through.
LOST is back so I have something to watch regularly again on tv. Looking forward to Jericho returning on Feb 12th, I was a late fan of the show and began liking it just before it got canceled. The fans pulled together and they brought it back, so hoping it gets a shot this time.


Anonymous said...

NESSIE Loch Ness Monster
Inedito di MC ESCHER trovato In Italia (volturara Irpina- AV)
su Youtube : da duilio Pacifico


Internet :

Anonymous said...

News Italy



News Italy - Unpublished Painting M.C .Escher.-

Notizia Sensazionale.

Trovato Inedito Quadro di M.C .ESCHER 1898-1972 NL
Opera datata 18.1.1949 raffigurante Nessie il Mostro di Loch Ness
che emerge dalle acque richiamato dalle note di un flauto suonato
dall’Uomo Nero senza Volto.


La Grande Stampa –TV ( nazionale e internazionale ) TACE -

opistoglyph wrote:
IN CAMPANIA NOT There E' SINGLE MUNNEZZA but...... TV And PRINTS NATIONAL REMAINS IN HUSH.- News Italy - Unpublished Painting M.C Escher.- Sensational News. Found Unknown Picture of M.C ESCHER 1898-1972 NL dated Work 18.1.1949 representing Nessie the Monster of Loch Ness that emerges from waters recalled from notes of a flauto played from the Black Man without Face. ROME: AUTHENTIC E' The Great Press - TV (national and international) TACE -
WoW! Even translated , i'm still in a state of "WTF??!" , HA!

Anonymous said...

très bon blog
bonne continuation

Anonymous said...

In the Land of Janare ( Female Demons)
A journey into the secrets Irpinia
Amongst,legend,magic and mistery
By: Antonio Emanuele Piedimonte
A iourney that takes us into a mysterious past, through the ruins of the time and of the men.
This book digs into old written and verbal tales, witnesses,books,articles and other varias materials,from which have come out old legends,stories and traditions,magic tales and strange reports,which, we,today,define as X-files.
The book takes us to see the Irpinia With different eyes,which is,the most mysterious and aparted district of the secret Campania (Italy ).
The volume is a sort of an “initial way”, that does not offer solutions but wants to dig into new wonders and desires such as getting into a car and drive about to discover the 119 irpinia towns,through moonlight landscapes,places and mysterious phenomenons.
Beginning from the unexplainable skull that can be seen in the eye of the statue of the “Madonna of san Pompilio” ( from which the front cover has been inspired), to the mummy of “zi Vicienzo” in Bonito,passing through the castle of prince “Carlo Gesualdo”, on the traces of the ancient Gonza,to the infernal corner of the mephitis,and the unsustainable glare of “mamma Schiavone” ehere at her feet opens the secret garden of “ Virginio mago “ in Montevergine and the mythical DRAGON in VOLTURARA.
Following trails of saints,devils,angels,monster,ghosts,warewolves, souls of the purgatory and much more.
It’s a further occasion to discover the ruins of this mysterious past.that hides ancient messages and connections,revealing the way to follow the symbol and the myth.
ANTONIO EMANUELE PIEDIMONTE, is Napolitan (Italy) 44 years old , PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST essayist and photograpfer.He has written for the main Italians dailes and periodicals. He is presently responsible of the edition of the Campania of the “ city” , a free daily evening magazine of the “ RIZZOLI –CORRIERE “ GROUP.
His book is on account of the “Corriere” daily of the “Irpinia” edition INTRA MOENIA,the stamping of the book was ended on November 2007,in care of Gangiano Grafica S.R.L. of Naples.
The book contains 215 pages,the title “ Nella terra delle Janare “ on page 183 of the book is mentioned VOLTURARA IRPINA: the dragon and the rose”.
Antonio E. Piedimonte writes that Volturara would have been one of the cities of the ( 12 Etruscans cities) of the Campania,after the destruction of Sabatia, an ancient town of Irpinia,that was conquered by the Romans about 2000 years ago.
In Volturara there has been DISCOVERED AN UNPUBLISHED PAINT – WORK of the GREAT ARTIST and ENGRAVER the Dutch Maurits Cornelis ESCHER, the paint-work represent THE LEGEND of a modern Dragon, he too host of the lake, THE FAMOUS MONSTER OF LOCH NESS.
The editing of the “ Il Giornale di Polizia “ has often published articles on the discovery, of this paint-work and of the Great artist and Engraver Maurits Cornelis ESCHER- The Director of this Edition has also interviewed the possessor of the this paint-work and also the Mayor of Volturara Irpina.And finally,always in care of this edition, a Press Conference was held in AVELLINO
Where there was great interest from part of the Mass Media. –ByAnna Paternostro President of National Associationof “Amici della Polizia”.She is part of the editing staff of “Il Giornale di Polizia.-
page 4