Sunday, November 2, 2008

iPhone blogging test

Hello! setup a blogger app on my iPhone, just thought I'd test it out. Nothing much going on, got a new guitar student. I finished up a logo job for a mens church choir. I've been getting ready for winter around the house.
Well 'till next time, go vote! :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Toonfest 08

Hey all, I recently went to the Toonfest in Marceline Missouri, and had an amazing time!
I got to sit through some great presentations by Jan Eliot, Dave Coverly, Tom Richmond, Greg Evans, and Michael Jantze.
I learned a lot, and had tons of fun. I really feel inspired by the great talent at Marceline's Toonfest. The best part is that all these people are so nice and easy to hang with. I had some artwork in the gallery as well, which was kind of surreal. My art hanging next to art by so many famous great cartoonists. :)
Greatest weekend I've had in a good while, feel really good about being a cartoonist. Yay!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bow Art

I did some ink artwork on a John Marriott custom bow a while back, and the same customer wants two more now. Sounds good to me! Always nice to have work! :) The customer in Kentucky that I did flute engraving for said that there would be more work for me as well so that sounds promising.
Allergies seem to be wreaking havoc for me the last couple weeks.
The new dates for the Bahama Trip have been confirmed, and I'm looking forward to getting away from the day job for awhile. I've been floating again at the shop and it's very hard for me to sit and watch a machine run, got to be doing something otherwise I fall asleep.
Nothing new really, except happy bithday to me tomorrow! :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bahama Trip

Bahamas Trip
Well in March my sis and I were supposed to go on a cruise to the Bahamas. This was a trip my sister won in a drawing. Well, we got to the airport and we were getting all excited about our trip, and they canceled the flight because of weather in Texas. We hung around for awhile tried a few ideas, but in the end, there was just no way we were going to make it to Florida in time for the boat.
So I returned to work the day after, feeling pretty bummed that I should be on a sunny beach.
So now we are trying again in May, providing the agent gets us lined up.
So here's to second chances! :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Flute Engraving

Just finished up a flute headjoint for a customer in Kentucky. She is sending me more work as soon as she finishes a few performances and can spare her flute for the work. Nice to see the site reaching someone in Kentucky, and nice to get work. :)
Ready for warmer weather, need to speed up the metabolism, get out of this winter pace. The finger I smashed at work in my machine is healing almost enough to play guitar again, been missing that a little. :)
Mom and Dad laptops are not working, I gave them my desktop to get by for internet. I'm stumped on what's wrong with their laptops, so will have to do some searches online. Started as a power cord problem, then they couldn't keep them on for more than 5 minutes, this after we bought new power adapters and batteries. I have a bad feeling that some stuff may have gotten fried due to wrong adapters or something.
My fish are dying off in my pond outside, I think when my heater quit me and it froze over, I didn't get it broke open in time. Some are still slowly swimming around, I added some water yesterday and I'm hoping that they pull through.
LOST is back so I have something to watch regularly again on tv. Looking forward to Jericho returning on Feb 12th, I was a late fan of the show and began liking it just before it got canceled. The fans pulled together and they brought it back, so hoping it gets a shot this time.