Sunday, September 22, 2013


Toonfest was great as usual! Great time meeting cartoonists and talking shop with really creative people! Took some of Holmes Melon Patch's Black Diamond watermelons down with, and they seemed to love them. All the presentations were great, the artists very informative and funny. Got to sit at the table with Jeff Parker and Steve Kelley, so had great discussions and lots of laughs! Enjoyed Steve Silver's (Kim Possible, Kevin Smith's Clerks, Danny Phantom) presentation very much as well because I have been saving up to take his character design courses online from his site Sandra Bell-Lundy was very funny, telling stories about some of the letters she has gotten from readers of her strip "Between Friends". She talked about how putting life events into her strip gave it some real moments,and receiving letters from fans that went through similar events. Steve Kelley and Jeff Parker (both do the comic strip "Dustin" together) talked about what it is like to be a writer/artist team on a strip and were really funny bouncing stories off each other. So many great people down in Marceline, real glad I found out about Toonfest! Thanks to Paul Fell for telling me about it!

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