Saturday, February 28, 2009

NCS Chapter Meeting

Had a great time hanging with all the cartoonists at the chapter meeting in Lincoln last weekend. The presentations were very educational and informative. I learned some things and met some more interesting artists. Tom Floyd, Cedric Hohnstadt, and Jeff Koterba were the speakers for the day. Cedric's presentation spawned a new character, Judge Head. One of his court room sketches was of a judge behind his desk, and with some voice overs it became a pretty funny character and gave us all a laugh.
Got to hang our with some of the guys in the hotel bar that night, had a blast. Can't wait to go to the next one!

I recently came into a truck load of instruments from some relation that's moving away. Some are pretty rough, and some are in quite good shape. I've been staying busy going through them and gauging how much work they will need.
I may be undergoing a job change where I work next week. I'm hoping it will make me happier and maybe give me some more money to pay bills and help with my artistic ventures.
Haven't gotten much work lately in the art area, but I've been trying to schedule myself some drawing time so I can get used to a pattern of drawing all the time. Usually, I have little time to practice and I want to be able to keep growing as an artist.

Well, hopefully I'll have more to blog about soon.
Scottman out.

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